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XWA Discussed at Second Public Input Meeting

More than 100 People attend Second Sloulin Field Redevelopment Meeting

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by Renee Jean


The second Sloulin Redevelopment public input meeting gathered about 100 people on Wednesday, June 7. The event featured Kurt Culbertson, Chairman/CEO of DesignWorkshop, who shared results from the poll held in February. More than 1,000 people participated in the online polling.  Williston Economic Development

If an overwhelming majority of Williston supported developing a 500-acre circus in Sloulin Field once its airport has been decommissioned, one of the questions Cardon Global would answer is whether that is really a financially viable idea. That point is key to consider as a public process continues to gather community ideas and brainstorm what could potentially lie in the city's 800-acre field of dreams. Don Cardon, CEO of Cardon Global, which is both representing the city on development of the new Williston Basin International Airport, and managing the redevelopment of its old airport site, came to the second in a series of public meetings prepared to answer a wide range of questions about both projects and share insights from the first meeting. "We want to keep it real in there," he said after the meeting. "We want people to feel that they are being heard and that they are part of the process."  Read More


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